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<p>Bounty Hunter Space Lizard is a turn-based roguelike where you play as a despondent lizardman who's had a string of bad luck. So he decides to venture out on a dangerous adventure of self-discovery. The game is available now in Early Access for iOS and Android.</p><p>What would cause a lizardperson to become so down? Well, his girlfriend left him to become a veterinarian, he alienated his family by getting involved in a knife selling pyramid scheme and he's now trapped on a planet with little life, Wi-Fi or anything good to eat. All fairly understandable reasons I'd say.</p><p>Developer Stay Inside Games says that game will appeal to anyone who's dabbled with either Hoplite or Enyo, two games we've enjoyed here. But they also add that it has more roguelike mechanics and a bit of Bomberman thrown in for good measure.</p>.

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