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<p>Spymaster is a free to play game of espionage set during the second World sees you controlling a tram of elite agents trying to sabotage the German war effort.</p><p>You need to find intel, break into factories, set up spy rings, and make sure your agents don't get so stressed they become more susceptible to injuries. Injuries like getting shot.</p><p>You've only got a set number of turns to achieve your goals though. Should you risk pushing an unrested agent into a factory to steal some secret plans, or let them have a quick nap in a safe house and put the completion of the entire mission in jeopardy?</p><p>Things start out a little simple in the tutorial missions, but soon you're juggling plenty of different scenarios as you try and make sure no one gets caught. The big-map aesthetic makes it feel like you're pushing markers in a cigar smoke-filled war room too.</p>Spymaster is out right now, and it won't cost you anything to download. If you've got a penchant for strategy, espionage, and World War 2, then it's definitely worth a look at that price..

GAME NAME Monte Carlo Solitaire

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com.sigmateam.Monte Carlo

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