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Updated : 8/10/16
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Welcome to West Hill Ranches!

Nestled in the rolling hills of Central New York, lies one of the largest Gypsy Horse Ranches in the United States.  West Hill Ranches (WHR), situated on 500 acres with 9 Stallions and a herd of approximately 100 Gypsy Horses, is a certified New York State Equine Facility and accredited Horse Health & Safety Facility (NYSHHAP).

WHR in Strategic Partnership with Tom Price, who has long been recognized as one of the largest and top breeders of Gypsy Horses in the world.  This partnership is based on a mutual desire to preserve this magnificent breed by providing the U.S.,  Canada, & Latin America with horses of exceptional quality and conformation, with proven breeding lineage through DNA verification and photographs.

Conformation, DNA proven lineage, Breed Preservation and Consumer Education, are the fundamental pillars of WHR's equine program.  In an effort to support these objectives, WHR has implemented several programs for Registered Breeders in the U.S., & Canada, and is working with the Registries to help promote, preserve and educate the market on this magnificent breed.

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